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Noisy-Le-Roi Nursery by WRA and Ithaques

After delivering the Paper Nursery in Paris, the WRA agency (Wild Rabbits Architects), accompanied by from Ithaques, is delivering a new 80-bed crib in Noisy-le-Roi, France. With a surface area of 1,108 m2 and a budget of 2.8 million euros, the creche has been open since January 2021. 

Bringing together the four existing day care centers

This was the mission entrusted to the architects by the city of Yvelines, on the site of a former school which has the particularity of having a significant slope. To do this, the architects opted for the construction of a large plateau, saying goodbye to the different levels of the existing structure, covered by a green roof.

A green roof

The nursery of Noisy-Le-Roi is located in a suburban area with a certain slope, so the land is necessarily seen from the surrounding houses. The architects of WRA and Ithaques have therefore generously offered a green roof as a panorama. The equipment then becomes discreet, which is how the landscape designers from Chorème came into play, whose mission was to signal the crèche through the ground that links it to the street.

A porous organization to favor encounters

The spatial organization of the Noisy-Le-Roi crèche is articulated around a central axis that follows the roof ridge. From this axis, six units are installed, consisting of a closed block to accommodate the cribs and the changing room, and an open block for the early learning area. The administrative part is located on the lower level, thus playing the role of support of the structure. 

On the facades, the crib rooms protrude slightly from the roof, while the early learning spaces are set back, creating a courtyard sheltered from the wind for each unit.

The facades are plastered to match the vocabulary of the neighboring houses, while the exterior woodwork is mixed (wood and aluminum).

On the technical side, as you can see in the image gallery at the bottom of the article, the structure designed by the Mecobat design office is relatively simple, it is neither more nor less than a metal frame found in agricultural sheds. For the green roof, the architects chose the Ecovegetal solution which includes 15cm of substrate. 

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Kiiwan.com est un site d’information spécialisé dans le BTP depuis 2009. La plupart des articles résultent de questions-réponses avec les acteurs.


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